Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rambling To Settle

Golly so the summer is over.. my beautiful summer. My did I enjoy that.. (brief summary.. went to arkansas with my aunts and grandmother, worked at camp all summer, went backpacking, then finished with a trip to Victoria.. maybe more details later.. maybe not... we'll see) Soo right now. I'm just i don't even know what.. I feel like exploiding.. I get home and suddenly everything and everyone is starting to pile up on me. My mind is more cluttered then my freshly torn apart room. gah.. maybe I'll start from the begining of the day.. My first day of my sr.year.. so here we go. rolled out of bed.. hit the snooze across the room numerous times.. then got ready and went.. assembly.. interesting social class.. bio..hmm so had an akward moment there.. not so found of those.. gah I swear my face was as red as a tulip! .. maybe not go there eh? .. so then back to socail. lunch.. art.. spare.. not so bad eh? just that one lil thing.. suddenly i get home after a short shoppin dentist deal.... everyone is e-mailing me.. wanting me to play guitar.. wanting me to be the leader of a club... wanted to go for coffee.. wanted to "go out".. my.. then the parents start yellin at supper about there stupid expactaions of me.. just cuz they think I should be this huge successs.. they want me to do better then everyone.. they want everything to be just well the way they want.. gah one even swore at me... and of course. if i left the room.. my would that be trouble.. soo i sat and lost my appetite.. figures.. then they try to sweeten me up towards them with these delicious homemade canned pears.. gah to die for.. didn't work.. as i guess u can see.. was sent to clean and organize my room and my life.. ah! following that.. i escaped to value village's fifty percent off sale.. cute belt.. cute necklace.. then back home.. hardcore talk with this guy.... ahh and in the middle we got cut out.. ahh it was bad.. and akward.. talked with a sad friend, another spilled alot.. missed kai and geoff.. when my compt somehow signed me on.. 6 phonecalls.. couldn't find my socail book.. tore apart my room.. found it.. still not my self.. wasted the night.. its now 12:22.. and I have to run tomorow.. and catch a bus.. and do my homework that I thought I had done.... only 4 q's in socail... have some devo time.. and then go to school.... AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its the flippin first day and everything is bad.. my parents are takin over my life.. i'm like not allowed to go out much.. much equals like not at all.. ahhh i just don't know. Don't even get me started on some of those boys..... i don't even know what to say about them.. all this typing and i thought i'd feel better.. and yet I don't.. I feel more sad.. now i'm issin people.. and ahh.. I pray that things improve.. may I have sweet dreams.. and a better day tomorow..

Saturday, May 07, 2005

sick.. AGAIN!

So this is how I got sick. It began wednesday durring our spare when Johnny decided he would come to school sick as can be. You know, just for a day.. I went over and talked for a bit as usual.. but stayed seated on the coffee table.. (as the couch would make it so that I would be too close to him and would thus get sick. ) He complained how I was being all jerm-ish aware.. and said if i were a "real friend", I wouldn't mind if he were to be sick. So I felt all guilty but went and sat at the table and did a bit of work.... sure enough he comes over and borrows the calculator.. and the GERMS LET LOOSE! I needed the calculator to make some calculations in chem.. and suddenly the germs were overtaking me... They smothered me... and now i'm sick... GAH! JOHNNY!!!! And of course.. he's all better.. and won't even come visit me! as he doesn't want to get sick..

Monday, April 18, 2005

Have you ever?

So 2 of the fellow bloggers out there I know have done this.. so i decided to join the clan... hurray?

Have you ever...
(x) got lost in your city. (all the time.. I tend to get others lost as well...)
(x) seen a shooting star.(. pretty)
(x) been to any other countries besides the US.(..live in CAN)
(?) had a serious surgery..( everyone has kinda i guess.. when they get the embilicochord cut?? )
( x) gone out in public in your pajamas..
( ) kissed a stranger
(x) hugged a stranger
( ) been in a fist fight (deffinately chickened out)
( ) been arrested
() laughed and had a drink come out of your nose (i've always wanted too!)
(x) pushed all the buttons on an elevator (all the time)
( ) made out in an elevator
( x)swore at your parents (possibiliy, was a pretty bad kid back then.. )
() kicked a guy where it hurts (oo no!)
(x) been in love ( I LOVE JESUS! WOOT)
( ) been skydiving (I will....2!!!)
( ) broken a bone
( ) gone skinny dipping
( ) flashed someone
( ) been to a therapist ( on my list of things i want to do.. hehe.. I kinda am one eh Robyn?)
( x) done the splits (good ol days)
( x) played spin the bottle (then quit shortly after i figured out the plan)
() gotten stitches
( ) drank a whole gallon of milk in an hour (who does that!)
(?) bitten someone (maybe..?? deffinately wanted to bite my ortho)
(? ) been to niagra falls (probably)
(x) gotten chicken pox
(x) kissed somone of the opposite sex (ha for a back massage)
( ) crashed into a friends car
( ) been to japan (hoping to soon)
(x ) ridden in a taxi
( ) been dumped
( ) been fired
(x) had feelings for someone and they didn't feel the same
( ) stole something from your job
( ) been on a blind date (ha we were goin to.. but then.. we voted ney)
( x) lied to a friend
(x) had a crush on a teacher (not at school... sick.. )
( ) celebrated mardi gras in new orleans
( ) been to europe (paris next april)
( ) saw someone die
( ) been to africa (father daughter adventure sometime)
(x) driven over 400 miles in one day (um how far is that? km perhaps)
( x) been to canada (love it)
(x ) been to mexico (hot hot hot)
(x) been on a plane
( ) seen the rocky horror picture show
(x) purposefully set part of myself on fire(hair)
(x) eaten sushi (the other day actually.. i love it)
( x) been snowboarding (all the time.. man i miss it)
( ?) met someone in person you first met online (kinda.. but he met me.. oh does that make sense? )
(x) want to meet someone you met online (some great people out there!)
(x) gone to college (not for school classes.. but yes)
( ) graduated college
(x) miss someone right now (sure do)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

A little somethin.

I never realized ones mood could be changed so quickly.. My mood went from being full of I don't even know what... anger, frustration, confusion, uselessness, discouaragement, sadness... I guess just a mixture of so many emotions, that the only thing I was capable of doing was listening to music as loud as it possibily could go. I found the headphones we use on our treadmill to block out the sound of the machine and placed them over my ears... while crankin up the dial on my computer... I sat in darkness as the sounds absorbed into my body.. slowly overtaking me... the vibrations of the bass shook me from within... I just couldn't bring myself together... As the secounds passed... I was killing my ears to the extent of goin deaf within a few minutes.. For some odd reason I decided I would check my e-mail.. maybe its that child in me who can't sit still... maybe i'm just addicted.... I scanned my unopened mail... and there after about a million forwards, junkmail, reminders.... I found one that looked stargely unfamiliar... I opened it up with a message that read "Hey (i doubt your expecting this, hehe) here's a little somethin." with a forward attached... I took off my headphones to give this message full attention and was sweetly surprised to find a poem someone had wrote for me... My mind let loose and I was absorbed in ceaseless tears flowing from my eyes.. it was a light in the midst of darkness... ha wat a pun.. as my rooom was dark until i turned on my computer screen then it was lightish.. well yeah.. i guess it just showed me how just "a little somethin." can make even the joyfulest persons' weekend.. Thanx eh. It ment alot.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Totally Teeth!

While brushing my teeth the night before last, I realized that brushing one’s own teeth, isn’t as much fun as brushing someone else’s or having someone brush yours. After our pool game, Andrew, Laura and I all decided to get ready for bed. We grabbed our toothpaste, toothbrushes and cedifill and headed up to the kitchen… This is where it all began… Andrew had this rad toothpaste invention…which pushed the toothpaste that u can never get out of the toothpaste thingy….out! We were all impressed.. and had much fun with the magic.. Then we all tried my hot spicy cinnamon toothpaste.. mmm…mm… or as Jon would say.. “The toothpaste that makes someone irresistibly kissable.” We joked around while brushin our teeth…using a language somewhat similar to the arrow commercial with the bubbles on the tongue… somehow we came up with the idea of brushing one another’s teeth…. we grabbed each others toothbrushes and just brushed.. I barely could see.. tears were flowing down my face I was laugin so hard…toothpaste was everywhere.. Andrews nose was covered! We couldn’t stop laughin till well into the night… Perhaps it is one of those thing you had to be there for…luckly I was….

Monday, April 04, 2005

The wake up call

Let me rewind my life to April 2...(pushes rewind button) april 4.....adlfjajflsd.. april 3......jfldajfl;ajsdlf.... april 2...... alright here we are! Today I awoke with a sudden excitement... twas the day in which I was born 17 years ago... whoa.. am I old or what.. I got all prettied up and went to a job interview.... then quickely packed, changed and jumped in the Nisan.... all the way to the city of the flames.. CALGARY! woot.... we arrived around lunch.. just in time for the sick hamburgers at the sports show... I watched some sweet videos by the banff film festival.. my buddy shrew ride his bike in the air competition.. he was amazinG!!!! oh my... Talked with my buddy troy from camp.. drank some gross tea.. and checked out many other things..many times... By the time 4:30 rolled around I was ready to go.. My family piled into our car and drove to the mall.. SUCCESS! SALES!!!! I purchased all my tops on clearance.. and man are they cute! wearing one right now by the way.. Then it was time for my surprise dinner.. they took me to the sweetest romaticist french restaraunt.. deffinately my type of place..Joe Joes...I had this nice steak with frits.. homemade.. and KETCHUP HOMEMADE! Ahh it was to die for.. especially the sherbert.. drools.... after dinner we came to our hotel and had a hottub.. pavola.. and watched a stoakin movie.. got a call from my inerview and didn't get the job i wanted, but was offered another position..and such.. and couldn't sleep all night!!!!!!!! Now I skipped a part.. checkin... we went to the front desk and of course got our room keys and all that paper work.. and I asked when the pool was to close that evening and open in the morning.. The told me it closed at 10 and opened at 5am! My dad joshed with the guy at the front desk about a wake up call for me to go swimming THAT early.. key word JOSHED.. I laughed and told the guy.. "DON"T U DARE!" Soo u see.. I finally fell asleep about 3:00am.. I was pretty upset about the whole job thing.. Suddenly this bright red flashin light in my eyes... and the phone is ringing..... After about 20 rings I finally picked it up.. I really wanted it to GO AWAY.. I picked it up.. and nobody was there.. my mom was freakin thinkin it was my sis callin.. and my dad was just in a mess.. she ripped the phone from my ear.. and listened to the operator tell her that it was a wake up call! AHH! WHO DOES THAT! and this was with daylight savings time.. meaning 4:00 am! goodness.. it took me ages to fall back asleep.. and of course.. we had to leave early the next day.... We had a huge chuckle about it.. but golly goons.. Guess I shouldn't have dared em eh?

woot an update!

Well well... It sure has been awhile.... Just thought i'd update ya'll on the reason for not posting for the what seems like forever... I have been sick every secound week since valentines day.. I think I have had all the colds, flues and viral infections in all of canada wait lets make it the whole world..... Finally my doc took an xray and got me started on new medication... woot.. I feel hunders of percents better... but have to take stinkin nazil spray for quite some time.. err.. Sooo anywaz.. stay tuned for more updates on my thrillin life...OH! I got a hair cut today.. woot to that! and the whole school thought it was my birthday.. rather amusing..especially since it wasn't.... hmm what else.. blondy dropped his bro off today.. nice seeing him again... hehe.. good times... great easter.. great birthday.. great day...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Aren't they darling?

Well, My friends dog had puppies.. tooo cute eh? I have fallin in love with them and want to keep one.. the parents aren't up for it though... this pic was taken a week after they were born.. in febuary.. they are now bigger and they have briliant blue eyes.. just gives u the warm fuzzies eh? Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Imagination.. Artwork by me...

As you can see, the image above is of something sereal.. that we would not see on earth. It is supposed to be a duplication of a squished fairy from "Lady Cottingtons Pressed Fairy Book"(an alltime favourite of mine). My painting brought the topic of imagination back into my mind. Last night was amazing. I babysat 4 lil boys.. and we had lots of fun giggling, foolin around, readin mr men books and talkin about st. patricks day.. The boys soon thought it would be too cool if a Leprachaun were to sneak into there house and cause mischief... my plan was workin all to well.. I snuck up stairs while they were glued to the television and put chairs ontop of tables, put the toaster on the couch, rearagned their furnature and totally just did some randomness... I hid those chocolates covered in gold wrapping to look like money all over. A short while later we all went upstairs for bedtime snack or something of the sort.. We all noticed the mess and I started questioning them all.. the boys started to investigate and concluded that a leaprechaun came.. they were all to excitted which filled me with a great feeling. They ran around on their treasure hunt and couldnt stop grinning that a real leapracaun visited them... how wack would that be? Well anywaz it was a sweet time.. So all this got me thinking.. I remember that when I found out that santa truthfully wasn't real.. *at an early age.. older sis sure new how to prove it* I was furious that my parents lied to me all those years.. right to my face to!!!!! grrr.. Parents do it all the time to make something come alive... and allow the childer to imagine.. santa.. the easter bunny... tooth fairies... Disney characters... everything.. Now is this right? Should parents LIE to there children and tell them that these characters are real? Which could in fact teach the children how to lie..... Should a parent rob their children of their youth by tellin them that it isn't real? So whats the deal.. Let me know what you think... I"m still concluding my opinion...
Posted by Hello

Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm sick

Again.. I"m sick.. I just got over a cold to! GAAAaAHHH!!!! Although today is a better day.. I'm actually feeling a bit better.. but with this late night ahead of me.. I dono if this non-blowing my nose is goin to last..

Friday, March 04, 2005

sniff sniff... the sweet stench of camp fire

I just got home from the most spectacular night... the stars were painted above us.. trains wizzed by on the track overhead... and people truly were there to love God... we all had a beautiful time.. playin prisoners base.. listening to Andrew talk about different ways people worship and how its neat how were not all the same when we meet with God and through which we praise him.. then we all had smores and hotdogs that we enjoyed roasting over the camp fire.. it truly was beautiful.. I now smell like campfire and I love it.. its one of my favourite smells.. wow wat an awsome night.. thanx God

Hallow Teeth

I have been walking around with hallow teeth ever since my twelve year molars came up... many a year ago.. because of this issue I had to get a root cannel on one of my teeth.. and two fillings..... My experience during both of these procedures has been an interesting deal at that... well we shall begin now.. I slouched and shuffled my feet all the way to the root cannel specialist's office... I must say he has the bluest eyes ever.. everyone that knows him says that.. I had to wait for 1.5hours after my assigned appointment time until it was my tern to sit in the tourcher chair.... the more time that elapsed the more I began to get anxious.. .. The receptionists and dental assistants were running everywhere and were panicking beyond control... There obviously was a problem.. finally this guy dragged himself out of the room where they had been working.. looking like a baseball was in his cheek.. he moaned and my heart skipped a beat.. they gave him a huge packet of drugs and sent him on his way.. not even a minute later the receptionist changed her worried expression.. and came bounding over with the biggest smile saying it was FINALLY my turn.. oh... you know how I could hardly wait.. ha! So after 3hours in the dental chair they were finally finished... sure I was in pain.. but it was nothing compared to what happened during the procedure... THE DENTAL ASSISTANT SNEEZED RIGHT INTO MY MOUTH.... TWICE!!!!! sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! literally! The next day I was in bed with the worst cold and sign-ness infection ever!!!!! This lasted for 3 whole weeks.. man did I get behind in school and my life.. grrr.. finally I had a holiday once I was all better and things started to brighten up like the rays emitted from the sun... until.. yesterday.. Yesterday I had to get a stupid filling over the root cannel.. and another filling on my other molar... the funny thing is that I told them my tooth wasn't right so they decided to check it out and had to fill that one as well... After many throbbing needles to freeze the side of my mouth.. they began.. OUCH!!!!!!!!!! They had to put 5 more needles in.. ugg... My mouth felt bigger then a basketball... all I remember is the assistant constantly telling me to open my mouth bigger.. then finally when they were done they were trying to teach me how to bite down on this piece of film to adjust the filling to the rest of my mouth.. I felt like such a baby.. drooling.. moaning.. complaining.. taking comfort in my families sympathy.. sleeping.. not being able to do a thing...not even being able to filly my empty stomach with food.... not being able to talk.. just drool and cry when it hurt... just like real babies do... it sucked.. It wasted 3hours of my day.. plus the sleeping and such.. soo finally around 8:00pm.. I was able start studying for the huge exam I have the class after next...... I was up late and up early this morning studyin.. and now I feel like i'm ready.. we shall soon find out... My mouth is still soar I have a boomin headache...and I'm kinda grumpy.. and its not cool.. I still can't bite on that side of my mouth and were having a huge bonfire hot dog roast tonight.. grr.. I hope to be better by then....and this headache.. err i should have taken those Advil’s.. i totally forgot... .. and I wonder how long it will take the stupid rips they made in my cheek from all the needles to heal.. ahhh and I still have 2 more teeth to go!! At least nobody sneezed in my mouth.. well i hope not!!!!!.. cuz i do have many plans this weekend.. err.. I am now ready to get back to studying and put on that "happy face"... smiles.. oh just look at those georgous empty teeth.. mmm mmm....then moans a lil from pain.. sudenlly realized she is hungry!..

Thursday, March 03, 2005

My trip to heaven.. well it wasn't literally.. but it was amazing

top of lake louise Posted by Hello
It is kind of weird to think that I haven't typed anything on my blog for almost a whole month.. time somehow got away with me... first I was sick for like 3 weeks..which was absolutely awful.. especially since I gave up my form of entertainment.. msn.. for lent... I did watch many movies though... man were some of them bad.. hehe.... then I went on an amazing trip to the mountains for some stoakin riding...We rode Lake Louise (see image above.. the view was spectacular.. the vally is where the parking lot is located.. we were about 200ft lower then an elevation that would make u have elavation sickness), Banff, Sunshine and Nakiska... we covered almost every run on every mountain.. we skipped the tbar ones, and the close runs though... the womens and mens down hill runs were by far my favourite.. there is just something about the wind blowing on ur face... and the speed u can get with ur board.. and just the thrill and peacefulness of it all.... The secound day out, I was chalenging my board and seeing how fast it could go.. I soon caught an edge and went flying.. 5sumersaults.. my foot out of the binding.. and a big hit of the head agains the snow that looks like a bunch of pillows.. deffinately not soft. I had to take the third day off as my neck was sooo sore.. I couldn't move my head.. So i soaked in the hottub all day.. and was ready to go out the next day.. woot... matt came up and went boardin with us on saturday and stayed the night.. it was actually nice having someone else around... hahaha he's never gone with us b4 and I took him on the bunny hill.. and faked some pretty harsh snowboarding.. what a riot.. He seriously was convinced he would have to stay all day with us on the lil hill.. we soon took him on the chairlift and left behind with a whoosh of our boards.. actually he was pretty good.. but he doesn't have to know that.. I thought I could ride my board for another million weeks.. it was that great.. perfect snow.. perfect everything! *the only goood food was on the mountain though.. other than that I was starvin* Twice a day I would escape into my own world with a soak in the hot tub. It was actually awsome.. Everyone there had a story, and by the end of the week I made some friend with the dish washer, another worker (oops never really found out what he did but they both were super nice), & a couple from white court. I usually didn't talk to people in the hot tub.. but just heard what these amazing people had to say to one another.. there was a huge non denominational youth conferece, a group of farmers, and chemical makers for farms, a "couples club", and many families. They all had a story, and by the end of the week, I felt like I had known them for years. (oh ya, the hot tub is too cool, its an indoor outdoor one.. it is so amazing!) Every morning you would wake up to the mountains... that God created.. (how people can say they were created with a big boom out of nowhere is beyond me) and just look at the beauty of this land.. breathe in the freshness and then quickly grab ur board and go... soon to stop at the Husky for breakfast and then go zooming down the mountian... now I'm home again.. to the harsh reality of highschool politics..Grr! And really.. flat land.. where did all my lovely mountains go to anywaz?

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Funeral Flower

Goodness.. Today was valentines day.. woot! I ran around delivering sweets and valentines for the majority or my spare time.. but didn't really expect what happened in socail class... There was a knock at the door... we all became distracted as a group of girls with their arms full of flowers said they had to deliever some special valentines.. they called two girls up to the front and handed them each a flower, package of candy and a special note... these girls are sort of ur stereotypical barbie doll like characters.. of course they would get one... we all new it.. then everything turned to slow motion.. and a girl called my name.. I shuffled to the front and recieved my carnation ( a friend of mine calls em funeral flowers...hehe) .. and sat down.. the guy who sits diagonally behind me gave me this cute smile and sort of seemed to be laughin inside.. my face went red as can be.. being unsual becuase I dont' get embarassed easily.. or so i think.. anywaz.. my teacher realized it and tried to tell an embarassing storry of some quartets to get the classes eyes off of me.. didn't seem to work that well.. They seemed to be so shocked that the lil gr. 11ner who sits there.. works.. talks when spoken to.. ex.. just got some love note.... anywaz...I unfolded the red sheet of paper and slowly read my "secret note". It had my first and last name on it, my class, and my teacher.. thats it.. nothin more.. nothin less.. The kids around me peared over my shoulder and soon anounced to the class that I had an admirer.. ahh! Soo I had to carry this white flower around all day.. again bumpin into the guy who seems to be laughin inside at me... so I walk around some more wonderin which mysterious person gave me this flower.. sooner then later.. every person I talked to said that it was from this one guy.. don't even go there.. it just ruined the whole thing.. soo I dono it was really just silly.. A few minutes ago I recieved a phone call from a friend telling me she found out who gave me the flower.. of course I encouraged her to let me know.. breathin heavily.. in and out.. i hoped it wasn't from that guy... .anyone but him.... she said the words.. and it wasn't him.. I thought I was hearing her wrong.. It turned out to be this guy I haven't talked to in ages! He kinda has a thing for a friend of mine.. and I dono.. he just never seems to be where I am.... She told me about the conversation she had with him about why he chose to give me the carnation.. he replied with a whole speach on how he just really liked me as a person and respected me beyond believe.. This simple gesture that seemed to put a damper on my day.. suddenly made it as bright as can be.. I couldn't have asked for a better valentines day.... the meaning behind it all... just makes me smile...

Saturday, February 12, 2005

A valentine from me to u!

Sooo I did finally get my valentines.. I know I know. I just finished postin bout how we should maybe not spend our money on the comercialized valentines things.. but aren't they too cute? heh eI like the middle one the best.. abc.. 123... elmo loves you.. and you love me.. tis great... just tellin someone they love u... ha! oh and thats dorthy the fish in case u didn't know.... Posted by Hello


Golly when ur sick, you just feel like the whole world has stopped to pamper you... but in reality, when you start to feel better...when you see less mountains of tissues...when a few halls are left.. and when you can actually get out of bed, you realize that the world is still spinning.... and your week just seemed to disapear.. suddenly you realize that valentines day is actually 2 days away.... Now what is this whole holiday about anywaz... why can't people just express their emotion any old day? I wonder if it truly has turned into a commercialized holiday to make money... taken from CBBC news... http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/find_out/guides/world/valentine_day/newsid_1779000/1779977.stm here are some stats...
"In the UK, a massive amount of money is spent on what some say is the most romantic day of the year:
£22 million spent on flowers
Seven million red roses are sent
12 million cards are sent
But in 2001, text messaging exploded, with around 30 million WUBMV messages sent!
And according to research:
Half of all mobile users expect Valentine's txt msgs from loved ones
One in four use txt msgs to ask someone out on 14 February
One in four have sent soppy messages to wrong person! "
hehe I dono if these stats are true...but it sure made me chuckle.. willl u be 1 of the 4 people to send a soppy love message to ur loved one but actually put the wrong number into ur phone? I sure hope not.. althought it would be an amusing storry... especially if the person on the other end replied.. don't get me wrong.. valentines day can be super romatic and i'm not one to be srudge.. (wow didn't know how to spell that one).. but when u actually stop to think about it...the prices are raised... and people just keep handing over money ... to make this day beautiful.. I know I still have to get shoppin for it.. it'll take a good chunck out of my unemployed pot of moola.. we all do it.. well some... hehe.. but really.. what would happen if we all just boycotted valentines day, and gave that money to people in Africa.. wouldn't they just feel that love so much more? and couldn't we just do something nice for our valentine.. instead of buyin a load of candied hearts and roses? okay maybe not roses.. I love roses.. but thats not the point... I think we all need to be a lil less self absorbed in our own world and just realize there is so much out there...and so many people who need our love....

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Yes... the rumours are true... the tv issue has been fixed!

channel two...
Told through the eyes of one the champion settlers...
The tourney was absolutely amazing.. we arrived at catan around 2100 and began by 30 after.. the settling was hard work.. but once we harvested our crops, sold some sheep, and cut down some lumber we were well one our way.. a settler who has only once settled b4 in his life somehow weaselled his way into the tournament.. and won! It was astonising! Although I never was able to settle with him.. he did fill me in on his secrett weapon.. blue pixie sticks.. which seemed to give me quite an advantage.. and helped me win a few rounds.. this lasted for many hours.. at 2400 we trecked to sev and picked up some coffee... I introduced Andrew to the guud stuff.. we had a lovely discusion on the way home.. and ended up talkin for the hour when i was supposed to be settling... this is where i had the dissadvantage.. but it was deffinately worth while.. Justin dropped by and we also talked for awhile.. then both him and andrew were on their way.. i came across a temptation that was set up to distract us from settling.. and i'm not talkin about my conversations.. i'm talkin about xbox.. i learned techniques of how to crash my car into buses, over cliffs, overall to cause cauios.. seemed to work quite well.. the horn blew and I was back intot the tourney.. barganing... tryin to make ends meat.. i was fallin behind.. it was just getting to late.. but then.. the coffee kicked in.. and i whipped out my table.. yes! we finished the tournament by 6:00 am.. and Elliot was given a portion of catan to continue settling on.. It was absolutely amazing.. we all then retired to scrabble, and the guitars.. people started to drop like flies.. by nine.. i was ready to fly home.. and sure enough.. i was there... back to my own settlement.. where i could practice my skills until next time..

Channel 3

Welcome to the Cheffs Crib..
Are you ready to make buiscuits! YES YOU ARE!
4cups flower..
8tsp bp..
4tbs sugar
1.5tsp salt...
mix them together.. you can do it..
make a well in the center and add
2/3 of butter or oil as well as 1.5 cups milk
mix cut em out and poof! 420.. for 5-10mins
now these buiscuits are amazing.. Watch now as our two pro cheffs make 300.. in 3.5 hours.. and there off.. russ is in the lead.. he started earlier.. but soon fell behind while he made the other cheff eggs and harshbrowns.. oh wat is this.. she is making a smoothie for the two of them.. boy are they distracted! Get goin guys.. come on.. lets encourage them... and wat is that.. 4 batched done.. wow.. these people are workin hard.. oh wat is this.. she doesn't like eggs.. will she force them down.. no she won't.. she avoided them.. no feelings hurt.. wooot... 11:00 almost done.. a delay.. flower fight.. turned into butter fight.. turned into water fight and shotspot fight.. oh floks will they ever get done? wat a mess! ...finally 12:30.. just one last batch in the oven... and they are done.. yes! look at that folks.. Now the test will come from our hardest critics at the annual lunch an McKillop.. success the buiscuits were popular.. even had to give out a recipe.. they did it.. what we thought would be impossible.. is no longer.. look for them in the guinis records book.. they sure pulled it off.. gold stars for both of them...

Saturday, February 05, 2005

To spread ur wings and not just fly.. but to soar

Do u ever feel like u just want to be alone.. in your own company. nobody around.. just you and God and silence. Where u can just let loose.. be yourself.. express all emotion.. not just in you.. but throughout you...where tears, anger, pain, guilt, contentment, joy, excittement.. everything.. is equal.. you can just escape and be the most vulernable person in the world.. you can completely and fully be you.. nobody else.. dig deep into ur soul and find missing puzzle pieces.. broken beads.. lost treasures.. and make them come alive... think about the little things u never seem to have time to think about.. do the things u have always wanted to try.. without being judged on how u do them.. but just completely be filled with the joy that is emitting from them.. to feel like u are laying in a huge cloud.. relaxed... clouds surround you.. and u feel like u can accomplish anything.. well not even that.. just being in the coulds... with ur thoughts.. ur magic.. to trully and fully refresh ur soul. to rejuvenate.

Tv service down...

Because of some technical difficulties.. Satuday's specials will be post poned until a later time..as I truly don't feel like writting about my amazing experiences that occured over the past 48 hours.. if you really wish me to write about them.. let me know.. and I will.. but if it doesn't make a difference to you then perhaps another time.. We appologize of the inconvience and will refund all money.. Thankyou for ur support. Tv. listings channel.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Tv listings for Saturday

Welcome to the tv listings channel..
Tomorow.. Saturday 04, 05 will be some majoy happenins..

tune into channel one for.. The all time Settlers championships.. This does not just test ur settling abilities.. but it tests ur endurance to stay awake.. to develope good trading patterns.. to not cave under preasure, to stay focused while many intense things are happening around u.. like napoleaon dynamite.. and to pretend to know wat u are doin throughout the whole game... the tournament starts at 7:00pm.. and goes until 9am...who will be the champion?

tume into channel 2.. the cooking channel..2 people.. 1 stove... 300 biscuits to make in a limited amount of time... can they do it? Will the one fall asleep after the long night ahead of her? will he be able to finish on his own? Tune in and see.. starts 9:15....will they do it without her parents knowing.. we shall soon find out!

Ready for some excittement.. check out an amazing blog at theanonymousthinker.blogspot.com.. this blog will let u comment on contraversial issues and have a great time.. free for a limmited time.. go now.. all you have to do is type it into ur address bar.. and suddenly u are there.. in a whole other world.. unrefundable.. now back to tv listings....

channel.. 7 tv. listings.. I hope you enjoyed your stay...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tackier the sticky tack!

Imagine this..
A highschool dance (note that they have been a big "do not go" as they aren't any good)
.. on a thursday night.. (school night)
.. Sadies Hawkin dance (reverse girls ask guys ext)
..80's style
.. much music dance
.. $5.00 non refundable
if you add them up together.. it equals totally tackiness
and then there is me.. a nerd totally excitted about this dance.. like ran around my house finding a costume when I still haven't found my date yet. ... Although I do have a week to do so.. and the hillarious topic of goin with a guy I don't know has sprung into many peoples minds.. The last time I went to a dance was while I was in the nineth grade.. I remember fondly playin fooseball all night with the only gr. 9 guys that came, while the other gr. 9 gals got so angry..and sometimes stole their boyfriends away for a slow song.. And sudenly because it is eighties this dance has just become my awsome thing of the week.. well next week..I am like so excitted and can't get my mind off it.. its just goin to be the greatest thing in the world! Any costume ideas? hehe They would be much appreciated as I DO NOT WANT TO BE STUCK WEARING THERE SILLY SPANDEX... soo for now.. I will dream.. and that dream.. is goin 2 rock! As long as I find a date who will dress up and have a photoshoot... hehe..

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Stereotypical Shoplifters

Between the ages of thirteen and nineteen is when it all seems to happen and end at the same time. It is a harsh reality that when you go shopping, you are being watched. The first step into the store and suddenly, a million eyes are cast upon you. Like praying mantis’ ready to attack. Judging your every move. If you look straight up you will most likely see security cameras all pointing your direction, and maybe even security at the door. All waiting and watching for you to make the wrong move. It’s not the question “if” you make the wrong move, but it is the question of “when” you will make the wrong move.
To them we are the same, teenagers, who are trouble. Being a teenager does not give store clerks the right to treat us any differently then an adult. Statistics show that only 24% percent of shoplifters are teens, which leaves 76% of the rest of the population to shoplift. Why then do storekeepers watch teenagers so closely and seem to ignore the rest of the population?
Almost every single store I go into I feel violated and judged. As if I have a huge blinking sign on my head, telling them all that I will steal. Stealing is against everything I believe in. I believe it is wrong and should not be done. I feel the same way about judging and stereotyping people.
I have many fond memories of standing outside of Gas King in a long line, just to get a cup of coffee, or perhaps a chocolate bar for my mother. The adults continually flowed into the store, as many as the store could hold. While I, had to wait outside with the rest of the teenagers. By the time we were allowed to go into the store, leave our bags at the counter and then rush to grab something, it was time to return to school. Leaving us no time to enjoy our purchases.
Perhaps the most comical shopping experience I encountered was in a shoe store in Edmonton. My mother and I had to find a pair of shoes for an event she was going to, and were determined to “shop till we dropped”. We entered this lovely shoe store where everything was all lined up and perfect. My eyes sprang from their sockets, when I found hot pink stilettos. This store was gorgeous. The only problems were the prices and the store clerks. All the clerks in the store had their eyes pasted to myself and my mother. A lady was assigned to follow us around the store. If we took a step, she took a step. If we touched something, she would touch something. Literally. I had fun stopping quickly, hoping she would run into me. But I became quite annoyed and eventually stormed out of the store dragging my mother behind. They were judging us both while we were shopping. When my mother returned to the store to look at the pair of shoes she fell in love with, there was no magnet attached to her. No unfamiliar shadow following her around.
The fact that store clerks stereotype teenagers makes me furious. If I didn’t have to go shopping for any of my basic needs, I would stay home to save me from the judgement. It sure can ruin a person’s day. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place without stereotyping? Aren’t we all equal?


Monday, January 24, 2005


Imagine a cartoon character who has just delicately placed a red hot candy right on their tongue.. they close their mouth and pretend that the candy isn't really that big of deal..their face starts turning from peach to pink to red to purple then back to red goin to ever shade imaginable.. smoke erupts from their ears.. the blood begins to flow to their eyes and u can see all those fine lines of crackling vessels...water pours from their eyes uncontrolably their hands automatically clench the hair on their head.. realizing later that they had pulled out all their hair...their head starts spinning out of control.. then they fall over..down down down and enter a state of blackness... That about sums up the begin and extend of my week.. my week supposed to be stress-free as it is school free... my.. what a lovely thing..ha! And get this... PYSICIATRISTS PREDICT THAT TODAY... JANUARY 24.. IS THE WORST DAY OF THE YEAR.. I DEFFINATELY AGREE!!*11:00* Oh can't be that bad you say.. well I've decided to prove you wrong.. 9:00 am..awake.. molly is basically sleepin on my head.. stole my pillow.. and overtook the majority of the matress.. but molly's awsome so no worries there.. Get home.. computer guy workin on my computer..can't check out anything.. so resort to the telephone... ..ride arives 30mins earily... as i rush around.. forgot textbooks to return and couldn't find one of them..grr.. get left in midsentece...while chattin in the library about a bulletonboard someone is supposed to help with...realize i have to get a project in sooner then I expected..get a love letter from a guy I haven't heard from in a year saying he "seriously loves me and wants to bring me home to his brother..and hook up" in which a friend actually saw part of.. gah.., my dream job has an opening and I can't take it. yet at least.. stomatch hurts cuz i didnt' eat enough for lunch.. got to much info on our bullettonboard and got my idea shut down by the head honcho.. our only idea.. now is when i recieved the LATE message about coffee... get home and can't find a thing on my computer.. the computer guy seemed to have deleted everythig..EVERYTHING including my project due date moved..forgot how to do my theory.. hotdogs with cold bread for supper..got yelled at all the way to piano.. got home.. fuming...get a call sayin i have yet another commitment... watched jag.. missed the end bc my father is amazing and found my stuff on my computer.. things just started to be lookin better.. when a friend told me to have a dream of snuggling with a mouse.. sick.. another brought up the topic of me and him and wat happened.. even though he has a girlfriend..and of course pulled the famous i'll stop wasting ur time and leaves.. b4 u can say a thing.. making u feel even worse then b4... then your computer starts messin around for the 4th time today.. and ur mind is goin quite crazzy and u just want to cry.. and the realization of the business of the week overwelms you...and now am rambling.. but seems to be kinda helpin.. not as much as i thought though.. i think i must get to my book and prayer and just sleep off this day.. counting down the minutes till 12am.. 10mins left.. and my day will disapear and things will be better.. until then... i think i should sit as still as possible.. who knows what horrors await around the corner..oh my.. and now i'm seeing things scamper across my desk.. shudderes.. and that it folks.. 4mins left.. 3mins left.. fallin off chair...2mins left...1:30secs...45secs...40..30....20....4.5....4..3..2..1..o0000 ahh over.. fewf! and now i realize that i just complained for ages.. and infact.. i'm not supposed to! But now a smile spreads across my face.. its over.. the worst day of the year..and 2morow.. well maybe its the best day of the year.. and the day after that and the day after that... hehe... goodnight all!

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Amidst the light in my life.. I have started to seep in black... nothin more nothin less..Black? you say.. well yes Black.. by...Ted Dekker.. its an absolutely amazing novel.. The author's words just flow like a melody of a good song.. so discriptive and meaninful... just soo well written.. the first chapter begins as so.. "IT ALL started one day earlier with a single silenced bullet out of nowhere"... and continues onward.. I find my self curled up with this book.. ever spare moment I have.. I would encourage anyone who loves to read.. to check it out.. or at least this best sellin author.. The following address is where u can check out the book and even go as far as reading the first chapter as well as the first page of the secound chapter.. It is book one of the trilogy.. and truly amazing.. so far.. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0849917905/103-7529554-4644612

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bubble Mint gum! The "in" gum...

Alright so there is this so fun gum.. its called Wrigleys Extra bubblemint gum.. now u might ask.. what is "soooo" fun about gum.. well this gum... its just got tha raddest package.. made for a princess or something.. The taste well.. i'm not to found of it, as i'm not a bubblegum flavour gal.. but the look wooooie!
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Compartments for gum.. totally true!

So u open up the package and they all have there own lil place.. 2 cute!..and u can also find out they are made in Toronto Canada.. Oh Canada.. only u would think of something soo awsome eh? Posted by Hello

Presents for you.. daily?

Oh yes.. Its true.. they are individually wrapped.. just like a gift for you..daily.. woot to that Posted by Hello

You can be cool too!

Then.. just when u think this gum can't get any better.. u delicately place a piece into ur mouth.. and an explosion of flavour!.. oh... wat an excitement.. my lips look kinda pink eh? hehe weird.. so there you have it folks.. the new trend.. cool gum.. for cool people... just like you! ha! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


A fellow blogger has menioned this topic..and I though I would post my comment to her.. I think i could have rambled on for longer,....... but i didn't soo here we go......hehe Welll.. what can I say.. This topic as a christian has been eating away at me as well.. But I believe word for word the Bible is true.. now.. lets see how to back up my opposite-ish opinion then urs.......Homosexuality has been around along time…Gen. 19: 1-29 is an example of this.. Lot knows it is wrong…… and the angels tell him to leave.. Judges 19-21 also has something similar and is said that is is disgraceful behavouir…Another example…"In transliterated Hebrew, the verse is written: "V’et zachar lo tishkav mishk’vey eeshah toeyvah hee." Leviticus 18:22.. This straight up translates into english..."And with a male you shall not lay lyings of a woman"....KJV: (King James Version): "Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination". , NIV: (New International Version) "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." So from this passage.. I see that it strictly tells us to not sleep with the member of the same sex.. agree? Moving in to the next verse from Leviticus..."V'ish asher yishkav et zachar mishk'vei ishah to'evah asu shneihem mot yumatu d'meihem bam.".. which translatesKJV: (King James Version): "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them." as well as..NIV: (New International Version) "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." .. If u pick up ur bible.. watever version I'm sure u'll find something of the sort.. Now.. the things is.. Levitucus also talks about the 10 commandments.. How can you take them literally and this not? The bible is God breathed is it not? Sooo from this I conclude that homosexuality is a sin.. Now there are many sins.. from lying to killing.. They can be forgiven.. So just because someone is homosexual does not be they are not goin 2 heaven……. They must ask God to take their sins and forgive them.. *purpose of the Holy Spirit* Soo in part.. the can be saved.. another thing.. I agree with you on the fact that we are not to judge others.. But I would like to be told I am sinning and be helped out with by others…. Homosexuality or not.. We are ment to help one another in our walk to heaven….Sure we are to treat one another equally but if you were doin something wrong wouldn’t u want to be told? another thing.. God can change people from being homosexual if they ask.. and truly want to change..being born with it or not…. All things are possible with God…… Soo that’s that..

Monday, January 17, 2005

I'm a racecar driver.. well.. not yet...

Last night was a night I will cease to forget.. it was such a life changin experience.. i'm movin up in the world.. it was the night i learned to drive.. soo we both arrived at youth late.. (they had to call us and remind us to come.. my bad) So the night consisted of some chillin with our homemade chai tea.. and talkin bout the tsamumi and the results from it.. it was pretty cool... he decided he was to drive me home.. sure why not?.. I joked about driving him to my house.. he seemed to agree.. not knowing I didn't have me learners.. or my liecence.. I failed to mention that part.. He ended up figuring it out.. but told me he was to teach me to drive.. takin it as a joke I went along with it.. now this guy is hard to figure out.. sometimes he's joking and other times he's not.. for example he joked bout me makingout with him in exchange for these driving lessons like 10x throughout the night.. i seemed to take them both as a joke.. although I had a while to see if they were.. Soo anywaz.. we get into the neon.. woot.... start crusin to his fav tunes.. him singing along.. my mind racing.. He somehow missed the turn to my house... so I kinda figured he was to teach me.. The enmax was to far. so he pulled into this car filled icerink.. told me to get out of the car.. and it was time to learn.. reluctanly i got out.. and sat in the drivers seat.. he adjusted it to my height and off we were.. okay.. soo maybe not yet.. my leg was like shakin every time i pushed on the peddle and i serioulsy was like freaking.. he seemed to laugh and tried to comfort me.. i slowly but surely got the foot off.. and boom! i was driving.. he taught me how to turn.. well.. showed me.. and then I had had enough.. we switched seats and were on the way home.. I have no clue what was up with me.. I seriouls was like shaking.. and freakin at everything.. and he didn't know wat to do.. hehe.. poor guy.. he'd take his hand from the stearing wheel and put his arm around me tryin to settle me.. and of course.. I would "softly" yell and tell him to put it on the wheel or we were to crash.. so then I realized the interiour light was on.. weird.. and it turned out being my fault.. I found the button somehow and pushed it.. and we couldn't find it anywhere.. gah.. made me even crazzier then b4.. and I really don't think I've been that weird b4.. so anywaz.. were driving and he starts seeing how much I will freak.. seemed to work quite well.. I totally started messing with him then.. I told him this one house was mine (which it was) he pulled up to the driveway and I told him I was totally joking.. He started honking.. and driving away.. I soon told him it was actually my house.. Knowing my parents could probably hear him.. he was quite embarassed..especially since our parents know each other.. well.. later asking me if they thought he was a tool..and told me he found the button.. hehe.. I got home and couldn't stop smiling.. I was just like the happiest person on the whole planet.. not kidding.. my energy soon drained but I couldn't fall asleep... for like ever.. to much excitement for the night.. my alarm clock awakened me.. and I couldn't wait to tell the whole world.. about it.. of course.. leavin out some details...And really.. it was like the coolest thing ever... although I was also in the paper that day.. gah.. one or the other.. okay deffinately not the paper.. my.. I really am rambling.. soo that is that.. my first time driving..hehe..

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Unbelieveres... BE DOOMED!

While on a holiday with the family in Savanna.. We went on this commical ghost tour.. as Savanna is the most haunted city in N. America.. ...The tombstone above is taken in one of the many cemataries.. Moving on.. While on this ghost tour... a large group of us had to randomly yell "be doomed" to the "unbelievers". (people not believin in ghosts or something of the sort).. These unbelievers were just random people walkin by.. I rember this cute couple walkin by near the begining of our tour.. quite new to the area or so I thought. Their pace became quite slow as they peared at our group with curious eyes as to what this large group of people were doin... Our tour guide spotted them and yelled and pointed at them.. "UNBELIEVERS!" We all echoed in chorus..With deep threatening voices.. BE DOOMED! The couples pace quickened and they rushed away in a flurry. Nice welcome to the city eh? I must admitt I enjoy randomly yelling at people.. and in that large group.. man.. So much fun! I realize that many people in religious groups are like that. If you are not part of the religion aka unbeliever.. the people of that religion put a lable on you... and think that you are to "be doomed".. go to hell.. ext. This puts a bad image of the religion just because of how a few people acted.. As a christian I have encountered many who feel this way about my religios beliefs and I think that people need to become more aware of how they act. Change the image of something u believe in ... for the good.. by just putting a possitive outlook on it.. and not allowing people to judge it because of you..but to actually give it a fair shot.. Posted by Hello

Friday, January 14, 2005

pudding snack made EVEN better!

So back to this whole pudding issue.. It all started because I am sick of this pudding and we have this huge box full that needs to be eaten. It is also a nice low fat snack..worth 2 points on the weightwatchers diet thingy... perhaps one of the most edible things for that many points.. I'm not to sure.. as I'm not on it.. anywaz..A conclusion has been made... Freezin the pudding is great! Its likea fudgecycle but creamier..U can just stick a popcycle stick in it.. freeze it.. then waallla! mm mm good! Although u do get sick of it quite fast. So i would recommend only eating half.. well thats that.. problem solved...woot! Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 13, 2005

I escaped...

.. into the steady rhythem of water flowing from the shower. My tears streamed down my face and continually poured from my eyes. The taste of salt was apon my tongue. A puddle of percipiation collected at my feet and enlarged with each tear. My mind was racing. Longing to fix all the problems in the world. Slowly but surely they all seemed to disapear with each tear. Eventually the puddle began to evaporate from beneath my feet and the taste of salt ceased to exist. The tears were recycled once again into the circle, to be saved for another time and erase the problems of the world.
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Monday, January 10, 2005

The Wretchednes of it all...

A piercing shriek filled the air.. like the sound of someone dying.... I reached for the little button on my alarm clock and silence overcame me.. It was 7:00am... On this very monday morning.. I resett my alarm clock for half an hour later..only to await the horrors of the day.. today was in fact.. my first day back to school.. dum dum dum.. after christmas holidays.. I limped into the foyea to greeted with a few other coffee adicts.. a nice pleasant conversation started.. then.. a bellowing voice yelled.. lil longair.. get to class! And of course... accompanied me to my class... along with another administator.. oh the joys of being back.. throughout much of the day.. my mind seemed to be running low on much of anything.. it was finally lunch hour when i realized I had left the most important possesion one could have, at that very minute of this very day.... my lunch! my tummy grumbled and demanded food.. and what was I to do... I found some loose change and raced to the caff.. where i reluctantly spent my money on soup.. now this veggie beef soup.. seemed to be.. carrot corupt.. err they know how much i "love" cooked carrots.. (makes a face).. the soup ended up getting spilled on me of course.. and seemed to have burned my tongue.. unless something else is causing this pain inside my mouth...the rest of my school day was a blur.. I remeber watching the guy behind my sleep durring bio.. and him being frightened by the fact that my eyes were the first thing he saw when he awakened from his beauty sleep.. oh how i longed to trade him seats so i could hide and sleep... the teacher seemed to call on me alot that class.. even had a mysterious phone call.. from the librarian.. The last bell finally rang.. oh what a pleasant sound.. like angels playing harps in heaven.. I staggered to the bus.. to collaps with the loss of energy.. the bus driver agreed to drop me in the front of my house... if and only if.. i would walk to the back of the bus and tell the new gal we were stoppin there.. soo that she would be able to find her way home.. after having to tell the whole bus that I already had a seat and was to only deliver a message.. avoiding loose limps flailing.... and trudging back to my seat stepping on who knows what.. was I finally free.. I leap off the bus.. and was sudenly happy.... only for a moment.. untill i was frozen solid.. little by little I made my way home... and soon left for my stroll to the local bakery with a friend of mine.. and her adorable dog.. which I have plans on stealing.. I held the dog while she ran in and vise vera.. of course... trouble occured while I was holding her.. The chem teacher.. came sprinitng out of her car to greet myself and the lab.. The dog didn't seem to like her husband and I had to appologize for the barking and chasing.. Perhaps from all the screaming her voice will not be yellin when I have her as a teacher.. By the time I came home.. I could not feel my feet.. what an odd sensation.. stomping around the house out of pure anger seemed to cure them.. fewf.. finally time to relax.. as soon as I dozed off.. someone just happened to turn on the light!!!! And now I"m just fuming.. I'm cold and not happy about being back at school.. and well.. in a weird way.. happy.. things are.. as one would call.. normal..

Friday, January 07, 2005

Cuz he liked her.. and she liked him..

He liked her
She liked him
He never told her
She never told him
He was gone
She was gone
He looked for her
She looked for him
He found her
She found him
He kissed her
She kissed him
Cuz he liked her

and she liked him

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Net Addict?

I spend countless hours on my computer. Are you an inetrnet addict?
Nope I just spend 24hours per day on the net...
One could say so.. yes...
If I were to tell you.. I'd have to kill you
The internet is my life
I could live without it
Deffinately not
err Is there anyway to avoid answereing this..
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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


As I am getting tired and probably will go get some beauty sleep soon.. The topic of dreams is conintually streaming through my head..why do I remember them sometimes and never remember dreaming anything other times.. Is that whole tidbit on *if you wake up in the middle of your dream you will remember them.. true?* why do they sometimes make sense and others are just a big collage of meaningless junk.. Can people train themselves to remember their dreams or even control them? The last dream I remember occured a few nights ago.. It is a parallel to what was happening in my life at the time.. somewhere in my dream.. my sister tried to drown me.. I new what her plan was but was curious if she actually would go through with it.. I agreed to get into the pool and imidiately she heald my head underneath the cold slightly rippled surface.. I fought against her and overcame her strength.. she tried again and was unsucessful.. I somehow got out of the pool and found myself talkin to my mother about the incident.. (there were others around at the pool too while this was happening.. wack eh?) Her response was calm and was somehting like.. "ya ya... no biggie....She's just having a bad day.." In my dream my mind was racing.. bad day.. BAD DAY! I was almost killed and all u can say was.. bad day.. I was furious and felt as if my mother didn't care.. Next thing I know its morning.. Dream over.. As my sister has just received a new job.. she has become quite stressed and seems to take it out on me.. the funny thing is I did in fact have numerous cons with my mom about this.. and her response is similar to the one in the dream.. Kinda funny huh? I wonder if the whole.. the last thing you think about is what you will dream about.. I probably was thinkin bout this before fallin asleep.. as I usually have alot on my mind at that point in my day.. But the thing with that is.. don't people have many dreams in their sleeps? I really think it would be neat if dreaming could be like watchin a movie.. that continues throughout an extended period of time if you wish.. or if you could write wat you wanted to dream about.. like.. seeing what it would be like to have purple skin.. or what it would be like to snowboard down a mountain of icecream or sink into a cloud and have tea with a hereo in your life.. It would be really cool! I tend to joke with friends about wat they should dream about that night but none of my sujestions have worked.. A friend of mine sujested this awful dream for me to dream of.. which indirectly kinda worked as I did have a horrible non related dream that night.. hmm.. I dono.. This whole dream thing is quite amusing and will be sure to see if someone has the answers to my many questions regarding dreams.. But I shall depart now and go off into my magical world of dreaming... I do hope to have one to remember tonight.. of dancing with a friend all night just overall having a great time together.. or meeting bob the builder and having a coffee.. either or.. perhaps it'll happen.. and just maybe I will be able to remember it and tell u about it... Sweet dreams to you...By the way.. It would be neat to hear what others dream about or want to dream about.. could be a whole load of entertainment.. and something new to learn..

Monday, January 03, 2005

puddin snack made better..

As my tummy grumbled I decided to fill the longing for chocolate pudding I had.. Being the person that I am.. I didn't feel like cookin up some.. So i chose the "alternate" option.. bought pudding.. not so good.. usually.. but this time it was different.. I warmed it in the microwave! woot! sucesss.. it tasted quite good if I do say so myself...try it sometime.. it may infact surprise you..

dum dum dum.. the topic of.. masturbation..

I may not be the master of masturbation but i do in fact feel that it is a topic that needs to be talked about. A friend of mine asked me the other day my opion on the matter from a non-religious viewpoint and here it is... Masturbation is: erotic (dominated by sexual love or desire) stimulation especially of one's own genital organs commonly resulting in orgasm and achieved by manual or other bodily contact exclusive of sexual intercourse, by instrumental manipulation, occasionally by sexual fantasies, or by various combinations of these agencies called also onanism, self-abuse- dictionary.com. If the dictionary itself states it is self-abuse why do people continually abuse themselves and indulge in such an act. “sexual addictions in life will drive you; do you want to be the driver or the vehicle?”

Lust (self indulgent sexual desire) causes masturbation. It is most common for males to take part in the act of masturbation, although some females do as well. Teresterone is a hormone in males released by the male twice during the male’s lifetime. The first when the male is a fetes and the second when the male is between the ages of 9-14. It is what brings about changes such in the voice and physical appearance of the male. Overall it increases the male’s sexdrive which can in fact lead to masturbation.
Some people believe masturbation is a good thing because it may prevent sex before marriage, for their own personal enjoyment, to relieve stress, to release semen and to increase the ability to have better sex. I believe readily available are alternate ways to do all of these things and masturbation is not the answer.

Masturbation aka Mastication aka Coitus interrupts aka Onanism aka Life dominating aka addicting aka overtaking aka self abuse aka wrong. It overtakes your mind with filthy feelings about others and leads to more sexual desires and things such as porno and adultery. It is impossible for the physical to happen without the mental. Therefore not only hurting yourself but others as well. When someone masturbates people in their minds become more like objects then actual people. The thought of someone picturing me while partaking in the act makes me feel sick, unclean, and un-respected. It is not a good feeling. If I feel this way, most likely others do as well. Treat someone with the respect you want them to treat you and loved ones. Such as your sister, brother, mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend….

I ask you this; would u feel comfortable masturbating in front of anyone? Your family? Friends? Younger siblings? Elementary students? The whole world? If your answer is no… I then ask why not? If it isn’t wrong then you should be able to do so without feeling embarrassed. If your answer is yes then I am quite curious why you feel that way and would love to read your comment. Just imagine what is going through the thoughts of younger people while you do this act in front of them while robbing their innocence. Just because something might feel good doesn’t make it right.

Health risks are also negative effects of masturbation. Statistics show that auto-erotic (asphyxiation) accounts for 250-1000 deaths per year in the United States. Problems such as Gluttony (eating in excess) in ones body hastens when one masturbates. Which can lead to serious issues such as eating disorders. Another issue is the amount of adrenaline produced in your body. (Vasoconstrictor, which means that it causes your blood vessels to narrow) This can lead to intense pain in muscles and ones head. Benign cotial headaches, benign maturational headaches and explosive headaches are also caused by masturbation. I read many stories of how people died from things related to their masturbation such as suffocation of oneself. There are many posted on the web but I am unsure which are true.

Masturbation is only a temporary filling of the longing people feel. It is not love. It is a problem so many people struggle with but people need to understand how to use self control which will infact make you a stronger person in the long run. Help others with their problem and encourage one another to not keep it all locked up inside, or else nobody can help. Wouldn’t the world be such a better place without masturbation?


Saturday, January 01, 2005


My My... A friend of mine.. came across this awsome site n told me to check it out.. its paintin online.. its like .. well I found it quite fun.. let me know wat ya'll think.. I paintedish the above one.. lol its famous as you can see...

Thursday, December 30, 2004

What one would call.. Bed time..

I sit in.. almost pure silence.. the hum of the computer and the tapping of my fingertips along the keyboard are the only sounds in this vast endless room.. a sudden yawn comes apon me and I try to contain it.. but.. its to late.. it has escaped.. It runs along my computer desk.. and leaves through the open door.. another follows in the same pattern.. They are slowly but surely.. overtakin me.. my eyelids soon grown extremely heavy and I struggle to keep them open.. the next yawn will not escape.. or so I thought.. it too flows from my lips.. my eyes fill with percipitation.. my body becomes limp.. my mind races with excittment of the dreams to come...

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Top 10 amusing webcam experiences..

In a random order.. I would like to share with you my intenese webcam-ness.. hehe.. I do not acutally have a web cam.. But it is quite interesting to see what some of my friends do on the webcam when u talk to them on it..
1. Virtual room tour
2. Live concert
3. Watched some of fear factor and some cartoons through the TV..
4. Was shown a teddy bear collection
5. Watched and listened to 2 people talk in chinese really really fast about a sound that a friend of mine heard in his room
6. Was introduced to a new member of someones family.. so cute
7. Puppet show
8. Saw so many new born kittens without becoming allergic.
9. Was shown as many pictures, stickers, ext.. of monkeys that was in the room.. took awhile..
10. and lastly watchin the expression on peoples faces... like when u tell a joke or say something mind boggling.. hehe
Do you have any webcamness that you wish to share? Let me know..


Ha kind of funny how witnessing in the court of law is usually with the Holy Bible as well as witnessing in christianity.. hehe.. double meaning but yet similar... So why is it when people take an oath, do they have to place their hand on the Bible and hold the Bible... in a criminal trial,and say:The evidence which I shall give to the court and jury sworn between our Sovereign Lady the Queen and the prisoner at the bar shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.’ or if you are a witness in the a civil trial, you will be asked to hold the Bible in your hand and say:‘The evidence which I shall give to the court touching the matters in question between the two parties shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.’When some people might not believe in the Bible or God or anything even realated? I looked up a lil on the internet on this subject and I came across an oath for The Chinese, Budhist and Islamic people.. But what bout everyone else? Like perhaps people involved in wicka or are athiest? Do they still have to use the Holy Bible in the court? Now how do they know which religion you are anywaz? Do you tell them before you are a witness so they will be able to provide you with the material needed for your oath? Are all the religious oaths offered in any country? Another question that has been on my mind is the fact that China is a communist country.. which probably means that everyone in China has to use the Chinese oath.. If this is true.. what about the people who are visiting China and do not practice their religion? Do they bring in a Bible for the person to take oath? But Bibles are prohibbited.. so that couldn't work.. Do they wait till you get back to your mother country? What do they do? Hmm Well something to think about...

Monday, December 27, 2004

This cartoon is from the site.. www.toothpastefordinner.com.. It is called mashed potatoes.. but I don't understand wat it exactly means or if there is a meaning.. I messed around with colours as it was in black and white.. which was amusing.. but I was wondering if someone could explain this to me.. thanx.. Posted by Hello

Friday, December 10, 2004


.. Did you know it is actually really complicated to use the toliet when you are wearing a dress? Well to inform u it is... This evening I went to a formal dinner in this cute black dress.. When it was time for me to use the bathroom... I realized that it was so complicated to complete the task in such a small space.. skirts work the same as pants.. but dresses.. they are a whole other kettle of fish.. you must pull the dress up to use the banio or pull the dress all the way down.. How do people do this everyday! I chuckled as I realized they were my only two solutions and went on with my excreation.. haha we totally just had a exam on excreation and such yesterday.. hehe but a question that seems to be on my mind is.. wat if the dress is soo long.. like down to the ground.. or like a wedding dress... wat then! oh and wat about if the girl is wearing stockings... haha well that is all for now... perhaps I will have to research this topic in more detail.. HAHA

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Hair phones.. hehe.. How amusing.. Now off to studying..
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The sress in it all

I've realized over the last while that writtin really helps get my minds off of things. It just.. frees me I guess.. I can't keep a journal or anything as my family or someone would be sure to read it, but this.. this is nice.. kinda funny.. i don't mind if anyone in the world reads it.. hehe.. it would actually be neat to hear others opinions on my ramblings...well....moving on....I do however feel like I am to explode.. I have a huge bio exam tomorow and I can't consitrate for the life of me! There is so much on my mind and I really need to ace this exam.. The exam is on all our functions and structures in our body basically.. man oh man. .. I just can't get over something that happened in my highshool the other day.. A friend of a friend of mine was sexually asaulted! By a friend of a friend of mine.. He basically raped her and made her do things to him that she didn't want to do.. in one of the many stairwells... the stairwells I walk up and down everyday.. the stairwells in my school.. my school.. durring school hours..my bio class infact..a is it to really be that unsafe to walk down the stairwell! Well I guess they were down there bythemselves... but that really isn't the point.. The last I heard was him being called down to the police's office located in our school.. i can't even imagine how she must feel.. images of the assault continually flow through my mind.. last night after havin a deep con about all the details and such... really hit home.. when u hear about something like this it just seems... well unreal.. kind of like when you find out your grandfather died.. it doesn't hit you till you are at the funeral and it just clicks.. you will not see him again for a very very long time.. and its just such an awful feeling...man.. ..and this.. its just well.. a different kind of awful feeling.. but then again much the same....he seemed like such a great guy.... and then this..how awful.. how ahh..... I haven't seen him since.....but i am afraid i will judge him on this.. the thing is.. its a sin.. just like lying.. it seems so great of a sin.. how am i treat him after this.. how am i to treat her.. they don't even know i know.. but i do.. and this feeling inside just won't go away... I don't know wat I would do if i were her.. probably never trust a guy again.. and just the emotions she must be having.. so great.. almost unbearable.. I wonder how often stuff like this actually happens! Once ever 5 mins around the world.. i dono.. its not unrealistic though.. I've heard talk about the sextrade.. this is happening everywhere! Its not just a one time thing.. men are buying girls as young as 5 to rape.. that is the life the girl will only know.... Something really has to be done.. i can't stand it! I can't just sit here and watch it.. somehow there is a way i can help.. sure i'll pray about it..but something else.. something bigger... perhaps it is something i should devote my life to.. It would be a pretty depressing job.. but it would be worth it.. savin jsut one girl from that.. one girl.. gah! I am so thankful it wasn't me.. i would have fallen apart... I admire the strength that girl has.. how great her strength must be.. oh my! there is no way he would have thought to use protection..i hope she didn't get a diesease.. or a pregnancy.. i wonder wat she would do if she did get pregnant.. hopefully not an abortion.... i think that murder.... my mind is racing... faster then a race horse... deep breaths... in.. and out... ext.. funny how i'm so worked up about this.. and it wasn't even me.. i feel like i am to explode.. wat about her! she must be on the verge of breakin down.. I think i am to send her an annonomous flower tomorow.. to tell her she is worth alot.. and that people care.. and love her. .. and ahh.. That is what i am to do.. wow... this writting really does feel better.... now i only have to study.. oh goody.. and to think.. its only 9:30... pm... i could have studied for 8hours! well or close to it.. I better hit the books... i sure hope i do well.. if not i'm grounded ...that is the least of my worries though..

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Its not all perfect...

Tis kinda funny when u just start to know someone well.. and they pull this super duper 360 and are a totally different person. A person you could never imagine them to be... It actually affects you alot... as you think about the fact that the person is different then u expected.. even just for that short while..but also about wat people think or expect of you.. and how you actually live your life.. I dono its just weird how we as humans assume things and are so shocked when they take a different spin.. have we not learned for the millionth time that things do in fact not always go as planned.. that people aren't perfect.. that we can't control everything in this world..Lately I have realized that I do in fact assume things in different people..That aren't unrealistic .... and I do in fact get surprised if it goes not as planned..Its not even assuming though.. its more or less not even considering something that you would never think they would do..tis just kinda an eyeopener and a shockin thing.. guess I need to consider all aspects of people.. and know that not everyone is like me.. hehe. hard to believe..

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Lost Love..

...The tears have ceased. I lost him.. He was my bestfriend.. Well, if one were to have one I guess.. He was the type of guy who was always there.. new just the right time to call.. or the right thing to say.. the more I think about it.. the more tears that fill my eyes.. I remember fondly of our talks till the wee hours of the morning.. or the way he would pick me up and we would drive around for hours trying to decide wat to do... usually ended up at our favourite coffee shop.. or shooting hoops at our regular spot with the music from his car blairing.. All that is gone.. There is no more.. The pain is so real.. so there.. We went out for drinks the other night.. well virgin ones..actually it was about 2months ago.. He wanted so foundly to see her.. to meet her.. A friend of mine.. that I hadn't seen for years.. he also used to know her.. back in elementary.. I agreed to go.. I wanted to hang out with him again.. he did change.. but i missed our friendship.. and it was a friendship... nothin more.. nothin less... He came over after and i gave him a cookie and we talked for awhile.. then he drove off.. You know how the girl usually has the guys jacket? Well the funny thing is.. he still has mine.. Another fond memory.. I miss it.. I see him in the halls... and i'm just not cool enough for him anymore.. I don't have it.. whatever it is.. I long so much to be friends again.. Someone there for me.. Who knows me.. and someone i can tell it all to.. who i can laugh with.. who i can just know that he is always there.. that time may never come again.. I mentioned it to him awhile back.. his excuse was his job.. funny thing is.. he has time for the others.. the ones who are fake.. who want something besides friendship.. who want to party.. to use him.. ahh it breaks my heart.. I love him.. but not that kind of love that a couple has.. That friendship Love.. Gah I miss him.. Today in Bio a friend was talkin about him.. she still reffered to him as my jake.. well jake isn't his name.. but she used the right one.. It tore me apart.. "cuz i'm so tired, of living for.. the kind of love, that only last for awhile.. the pain.. the shame.. teares me up inside...." Why do people have to change? "Why is highschool such a battlefield".. "how you have to look a certain way.. talk a certain way.. dress a certain way.. think a certain way.. laugh a certain way.." why are people so scared of of of being who they really are?

Friday, November 19, 2004

As I sit here soapy and wet.. I realize it was rather silly of me to have been scared by such a small creature.. spiders really aren't that dangerous.. or at least not the ones around here.. I hope.. you see I was just takin a hot shower to warm up, as my house seems rather cold.. and while in that shower..a steamy shower at that.. a creature apears in the midst of the mid misty air right between my two eyes! AHHH! U guessed it.. It was a spider.. Spiders creep me out..I can look at a spider.. but if it comes near me.. ahhh.. So anywaz.. I couldn't believe that a spider would actually be in the shower..Have u ever seen one in a hot steamy shower?.. I thought perhaps someone was havin a little fun playin a prank on me..But that spider was alive and skwirmin.. I grabbed a nearby razor and allowed the spider to set on it and then i chucked it outside of the shower door... Realizing that the razor might get stepped on out there.. i decided i better put it back on the shelf.. I shook it long and hard but then realized that there was no spider on it.. oh man.. I looked to my right and there beside me... about to land on me.. was that awful looking creature.... eee I ran out of the shower.. a few minutes later I calmly decided to continue my shower..I looked around and noticed the spider on the ground of the shower in a pool of water.. Looked dead to me.."wew".. I put a conditioner top over it as to keep it there.. while I turned on the water.. Somehow i accidently lifted the lid.. I really don't remember why or how.. it just happend.. perhaps I thought it time to put the lid back on and forgot about the spider.. i'm not sure.. The spider was alive! Like squirming and lookin extremly angry with me..I capped the spider again.. then I quickly grabbed a towel and sprinted all the way here.. and now I sit soakin wet... and havin that feeling that a spider is crawling up my leg or my neck.. "squirms" ee gots I'm tellin u.. spiders are no good..

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Corruption of our world..

I never used to watch the news very often.. over the last two years I started watchin it more and more... When I really think about it, it often makes me want to cry.. There is so much corruption in our world and things I want to change.. Things that almost seem impossible.. And yet nothing is impossible..well nothing is impossible with God .. Just think.... murder.. missing children.. robberies..... fires... shootings.. sexual abuse.. stock market cheating.. moviestar rumours.. eating disorders.. diets to make you look a certain way.. latests fads.. car accidents.. radar stops... drunk driving.. alchol abuse.. dug busts.. coke addicts.. prostitutes.. the sex trade.. pornography... the list goes on and on.. So much of the news is about sin.. Do people not realize how their actions afect others lives? How it affects their lives? How sin is not cool? How Satan is not cool? Look around you.. look at all the amazing things in this world.. Why isn't the majority of the news and media about good things in peoples lives.. Like the missing cat found and returned to the owner.. or the way your neighbor baked cookies for the whole neighbourhood children.. or the way your boyfriend made your day the greatest it could be.. so maybe these are lame examples.. lets see.. how people in africa are getting new medicine.. how children in your hometown are being taken off the street and being placed in an apartment to house them all... how there isn't any war goin on in Canada right now.. Jokes.. laughter.. poems.. art... music.. self confidence boosters.. just for gag type sort of things.. would people start doings things for others more and overal be more happy?.. would people see that if they don't get recognized for the sin that they do.. or the corruption they create.. stop doing such harshness? Or would they get away for more harmful acts? Would they be ignored and therefore increase their intensity? Would people lie about something good they did for another? Would our world be a better place? Or would it become worse? Tis quite intersting aint it?

Marilyn Monro, By Wahol

Marilyn Monroe - By Andy, Warhol.. What an amazing painting.. It truly has become one of my favourites.. I am currently workin duplicating a few of Warhols tomato soup cans, which is quite exciting...
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